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Professional portfolio of our department consists of over 50 different self-initiated projects in vocational and adult education, integration policy and empowerment. Furthermore, we were partners in more than 20 projects in education, integration, and age management. 


  • Pathway from EQAVET to NQAVET Web Site
  • "EU Integration Agent" - IGMA II
  • Practical Methodology for Acquiring Key Competences of EU Reference Framework through Continuous VET
  • Learning City
  • Project "Human Rights in practice" ("MR i praktiken")
  • Leonardo development of innovation "Expanding the quality 'spirit' of VET (Q &VET)" Web Site
  • Expero4care Web Site


  • Leonardo, transfer of innovation "Facilitating a Common Quality Assurance Framework through Peer Review for VET", Peer Review for CQAF-VET Web Site
  • Leonardo learning partnership "M-learning and other good practices in I.C.T. teaching" Web Site
  • Project "Competence development for immigrant NGOs" ("Kompetensuppbyggnad för invandrarföreningar")
  • Common Quality Assurance Framework-VET, a provider online model, "CQAFVET-online
  • CERF. Certification Standard for European Reference Framework Key Competencies Web Site
  • Leonardo network "Age Management in Practice: Improving Access to VET/CVET for Older Workers Across Europe" AMaP
  • Learning through Innovative management concepts to ensure transfer of Knowledge of Elderly people"
  • Grundtvig multilateral "Innovative Guidance Methodology for the Integration of Low Skilled Immigrants into Adult Education"
  • Grundtvig multilateral Empowerment kit for immigrant women with low education, EM-kit Web Site
  • Grundtvig partnership "Academy of New Possibilities - parents schools as a way of increasing competences connected with looking after and education of children"
  • Leonardo development of innovation "Validation of Formal, Non-Formal and Informal Learning: The case study of Personal Assistants", EUPA
  • Leonardo development of innovation "Smart languages need oriented toolbox for Europeans", SL-tool
  • Leonardo, transfer of innovation "Operational model of "Common Quality Assurance Framework" at VET-provider level", CQAF-provider model*
  • Leonardo development of innovation "European manager for intelligent and responsible territories", GETIR
  • Leonardo, transfer of innovation "Methodological Toolbox for Development of New Skill for Future Jobs", JS-Toolbox*
  • Nordpus Vuxen "Nordic network for empowerment of immigrant women with low educational/working experience"
  • Nordplus Vuxen "STILL ACTIVE - A Communication Tool for Fighting Social Isolation" Web Site
  • Swedish Institute "The Baltic Network for VET"
  • Sida "Introduction of Modern Methods and Models in Labour Market Training in Minsk, Belarus" 
  • Sida "Development of Labour Market in Arkhangelsk region"

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