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Study Swedish in Trelleborg

From first greetings to business meetings. Welcome to life in Sweden!

Folkuniversitetet is one of Sweden’s largest and most experienced providers of Swedish language education. Together with our dedicated educators and students from across the world, you learn the Swedish language – and the Swedish culture. We offer everything from general Swedish to special courses for those who need job-specific vocabulary, like healthcare workers. You can also study at your own pace in conversation, pronunciation and grammar courses. Whether you moved to Sweden for asylum, work or a loved one, Folkuniversitetet can help improve your Swedish.

Swedish Beginner's Courses in Trelleborg (1)

  • Svenska A1 beginners intensive

    Date: 8 maj 2017

    Location: Trelleborg

    Price: 3595kr

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    Time: Må 13:00-15:30
    Ti 13:00-15:30
    On 13:00-15:30
    To 13:00-15:30


    Number of weeks: 4

    Seats left:

    Svenska A1 beginners intensive

    This is a beginner"s course in Swedish for people who know just a bit of Swedish or have no knowledge of Swedish at all. The course enables you to communicate in common everyday situations. We focus on communicative skills and you actively participate ...

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