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Swedish open doors

The Swedish language will open doors

At Folkuniversitetet we have lots of opportunities to help improve your Swedish. Whether you want to learn the basics, make sense of local culture or need to quickly build job-specific vocabulary, we have something for you.Welcome to Sweden.

Below you will find our different Swedish courses and programs. Choose the one suitable for your needs. 

Swedish for asylum seekers

Anyone seeking asylum in Sweden who has not yet received a residence permit can study Swedish at Folkuniversitetet. We teach the basics of Swedish language and explain how Swedish society works. The course is free of charge, but you must have an LMA card.
For more information contact: patric.kalnins@folkuniversitetet.se

Swedish for immigrants (sfi)

Anyone who has received a Swedish personal identity number has a lawful right to Swedish language education. Folkuniversitetet’s sfi program offers fast-paced individual studies. For those with a particular experience Folkuniversitetet offers job-specific sfi programs, for example Sfi for engineers, Sfi for healthcare professionals and Sfi for entrepreneurs. In the spring of 2017 sfi courses will also be offered in Kristianstad. 
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Corporate training

Folkuniversitetet’s corporate training courses cater to companies who want to give international employees opportunities to improve their Swedish. We offer tailor-made Swedish instruction for groups or individuals from beginner to advanced levels and can even incorporate specific branch terminology. 
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Independent courses

Folkuniversitetet’s independent Swedish courses do not have queues or wait times. We help you become fluent in Swedish, no matter what level you are at today. Study when you want, at your speed and on your level – from intensive daytime courses to evening courses once a week. Learn basic grammar or advanced conversation.
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Study circles

A study circle is a way for you and your friends to create your own group for learning Swedish. Folkuniversitetet can help with financial compensation for certain expenses and contribute our advice, knowledge and network to advance your ideas. 
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