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Personal Data

Processing of Personal Data

We process personal data in order to fulfill and administer our legal obligations, comply with agreements and to provide you with good service. We store information about your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and, in several cases, the social security number and the activities in which you participate.

In Swedish:

The personal information will be forwarded to government, municipal and regional contributors or assignments as required and where supported by law. The information may also be used for statistics and for the development and analysis of our business activities. We also use our customer register to send you information about upcoming activities.

How can we help you and how can you get in touch with us?

Requests for registries or other requests (eg rectification or completion of incorrect personal data) should always be done at one of our headquarters. There you will be able to legitimize yourself with a valid ID document. Upon application, such a request usually takes a maximum of 1 month.

Questions and comments

If you have any other questions and concerns regarding the handling of your personal information, please contact our Data Protection Officer:

More about how we handle personal information

Information is one of our most important assets and, in addition to the information we own, we daily handle information owned by our stakeholders such as clients, suppliers and other partners. Folkuniversitetet aims for all information, regardless of who owns it, to be managed in a controlled, secure and structured manner according to the GDPR General Data Protection Regulation or the Data Protection Ordinance.

How is our work organized?
Data Protection Officer and Personal Data Coordinator

Folkuniversitetet's regional foundation's boards, the National Office and FSAB are the personally responsible for the processing of personal data in their own activities.

Nationally, there is a data protection representative who is the contact between Folkuniversitetet and the Data Inspection / Integrity Authority. The Data Protection Officer is responsible for managing the reporting obligation within Folkuniversitetet within 72 hours in case of personal data breach.

In our five head offices  there are regional personal data coordinators.

For those who are already registered

Why do we need your personal information?

Personal data collected directly from you, guardian, authority or by other means of processing are treated in order to fulfill and administer our legal obligations as complying with the requirements of governing authorities, complying with agreements entered into or in order for us to give you better service. Personal data may also be used for statistical purposes and for the development and analysis of our activities.

Details such as name, address and e-mail address are used in our customer register to send you newsletters, course catalogs and offers on Folkuniversitetet's upcoming courses and educations. Name and address are also used to answer your questions or comments via chat, mail and web forms. The personal identification number is used for statistics and is a condition for state contributions to our courses in public education. In some cases, we are also obliged to provide information to authorities by law and agreement.

In many cases, we need your personal information to enable you to complete your studies with us, for example, if you register on one of our learning platforms.

In some assignments, Folkuniversitetet provides information to third parties on the basis of assignments and public authorities such as municipal / regional contributors. Other than this, we never give out personal data to third parties.

How are personal data collected and stored?

Personal data is collected through, for example, web forms, mail, applications and telephone calls. The information can also be supplemented with information from public records and authorities.

If you are, or have been, a participant with us, your data is stored for as long as is necessary for us to administer courses/educations or as long as we have to store them according to laws and agreements. Therafter the data  is deleted according to the current routine. We do not delete personal data when there is a legal requirement to store it, for example, according to current accounting rules. We use unidentified information for statistical purposes and course development.

The information in our customer register used to send you newsletters, course catalogs and offers on future courses, educations and events is saved as long as needed or until you unsubscribe.

What rights do you have as registered participant or customer?

  • You are entitled to know what personal information we have about you. If they are incorrect or incomplete you may request them beeing corrected or removed. You can request extracts from the personal information we have about you, freeof charge. Folkuniversitetet only has access to personal data that is required for our own activities, and not personal data held by other authorities and companies.
  • You also have the right to get information about the legal bases we support, how long we will save your information, who has access to the information and to have your information with us deleted if there are no legal reasons that make us compelled store the data.
  • You can get a summary of all the information we have about you and you may object to the way we use your personal information.
  • You are entitled to request limitation of the use of some of your personal data, you may withdraw your consent and appeal to the relevant regulatory authority.
  • In the case information we save about you will be processed for a purpose other than at the time of collection, we will inform you accordingly.

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