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Arabic calligraphy in Arabic Nyhet

Arabic calligraphy in Arabic Nyhet

“I have strived to reach the highest levels of artistic mastery, but I found that Arabic Calligraphy was there ages before I was.” — Pablo Picasso

Course content

Learning Arabic Calligraphy requires patience, constant practice and taking care of your tools. The scale of letters is based on the nuqta (point), which is the basic unit of the letter structure.

You will start the course with a general presentation of the different types of scripts and tools. Then you move on to learn an easy script, for you to get comfortable with using the pen and to learn how to dip the pen in the inkwell.

The first script you will learn is Diwani script, as it is characterised by its delicate, slender strokes. Having passed the individual letters successfully, you will move to next levels and writing connected letters, then writing full sentences, and finally writing successive lines.

After passing Diwani script you will move to the script of Nash and Thuluth. This is the traditional approach of Shawki Efendi.

Course elements

  • Paper: Types of paper, preparing paper before writing, drawing lines to write on
  • Pens: Reed pen, wooden pen, metal pen
  • Ink: How to prepare the inkwell and the different types and properties of ink
  • Script: Different styles of scripts and the techniques behind them
Language of the workshop: Arabic and a little bit of English

Prior knowledge required

This course is for beginners.


Cost for materials is not included in the course fee. Your teacher will bring all the tools necessary and you can buy them from him during the course, the price for materials is 450 kr/person.


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Bredgatan 5, 22221 LUND
8 feb 2020
9 feb 2020
Antal veckor
1 veckor
Tid kvar till startdatum:
11 dagar
Lö 10:00 - 15:30
Sö 10:00 - 15:30
(En studietimme är 45 minuter)
2 st
Arr nr.
Platser kvar
1 445 kr

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