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Human Communication through the Ages

Human Communication through the Ages

Are you interested in the history of media? This lecture focuses on the history of mass media – the development of books, newspapers, radio, television, film and the Internet.

In the beginning, we communicated with gestures and grunts, and eventually words. For hundreds of thousands of years, knowledge was passed orally through story and song. About five thousand years ago, writing changed everything. And nearly 600 years ago, the invention of the printing press changed everything again, as did the later inventions of the telegraph, of radio, of television and now the Internet. Scholars like Marshall McLuhan, Harold Innis and Robert Logan have debated how to define these eras, but there is one thing upon which they agree: changing how we communicate changes how we think and interact.


This lecture will offer an overview of the different ages of communication. Discussion time will be available at the end of lecture, and questions welcome.

Language level

The lecture is presented in English, and is designed for those with intermediate or better English fluency.



Jessica Brophy Jessica har en doktorsexamen i kommunikation från University of Maine, USA och arbetade i tio år som tidningsreporter och lärare. Jessica har undervisat kurser i retorik,... Läs mer om Jessica Brophy

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S:t Larsgatan 44, 58223 LINKÖPING
29 apr 2020
29 apr 2020
Antal veckor
1 veckor
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92 dagar
On 17:30 - 19:00
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1 st
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