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'I would recommend anyone to take the opportunity to study abroad!'

Nema has used her success with Cambridge English: Advanced to study in Ireland. Here's her story:

Currently, I am a final year-student in the BA in Global Studies at the University of Gothenburg. I spent my second year as an exchange student at Dublin City University (DCU) in Dublin, Ireland, where I studied International Relations.

When applying for being part of the exchange programme, my Cambridge English: Advanced was very useful. I was so excited and happy to get the opportunity to study abroad, in an English-speaking country! Although I was a bit nervous at first, concerning whether I would manage to conduct my studies in English, it proved not to be too difficult after all. The Irish accent did take some time to get used to, I admit! During my stay, I got to know students from all over the world; and naturally, English was mostly the language we would use. Most of all, though, I enjoyed speaking English with the Irish - once I had gotten accustomed to their accent, I really enjoyed their use of words, pronunciation, and the borrowed words from Gaelic (and I won't deny it - the excessive swearing too).

I could write an entire essay about my year in Ireland, but instead I will try and summarise by saying that it was an incredible and wonderful experience. I would recommend anyone to take the opportunity to study abroad! I found Ireland especially interesting, given that it is an English-speaking country, yet has an identity which strongly differentiates from Great Britain. It is a beautiful country, with kind people and a proud culture. I hope to visit Ireland again sometime in the future.

In January, I have an internship in Berlin at the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany. Although German will constitute the main language there, Cambridge English: Advanced is a valuable qualification. I am not sure what I will do after finishing my BA in Global Studies; perhaps I will apply for the English MA in Global Studies at the University of Gothenburg, for which my year in Ireland and my Cambridge certificate most likely will prove useful.

The English skills that were tested in the Cambridge English: Advanced exam have thus been used thoroughly the past years, and since my field of study is concerned with international and global issues, I also hope that they will prove to be useful in the future. My ambition is to work abroad with issues of global scope, possibly in an international organisation or institution. Given that English is the main language used in international context, skills in English will be ot great importance regardless of which country I may end up working in.

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