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Creative Writing and Narrative Theory, continu NEW

In this new course, we continue the work of Creative Writing and Narrative Theory with longer and more complex theory, literary examples, and writing challenges.

Skills needed

Participants should be comfortable speaking and writing in English.

Course plan

Topics include re-writing and editing strategies, using factual research in fictional texts, character psychology and development, and options for handling the flow of time. Having taken the introductory course is recommended, though not a prerequisite.


Kevin Frato is an author-educator originally from Ohio, USA. He writes fiction and non-fiction for Natur och Kultur publishers, and has also written fiction for Kabusa böcker, X Publishing, and Myrios novellförlag. In the States he has written stories for School Arts Magazine, and journalism for several newspapers. He has taught writing in Sweden, Italy and the US, and runs workshops for teachers around Sweden in how to teach creative writing. His Creative Writing – A Classroom Guide was published by Natur och Kultur in 2019.


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Kevin Frato


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Plats: Kungstensgatan 45, 11359 STOCKHOLM
Startdatum: 19 feb 2020
Slutdatum: 29 apr 2020
Tid kvar till startdatum: 28 dagar
Antal veckor: 11
Tid: On 18:00-21:15
Studietimmar: 24
Sammankomster: 6
Arrangemangsnr: 1039498
Platser kvar: Fåtal
Pris: 3325kr