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Practical information

Practical things that are good to know when taking a Swedish course at Folkuniversitetet

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Dear student,

Welcome to Folkuniversitetet and your Swedish course! We are happy that you have chosen to study with us and we hope that you will have a lovely experience here in Göteborg.

Course level and course certificate
It is important that you are placed in the correct language level. If you are uncertain of your language level you can turn to the Swedish language administration for guidance.

If your teacher notices that your language abilities are either too high or too low for the course you are studying, the teacher will recommend you to change to another group/level.

If you have attended at least 75% of the course you can ask the administration for a course certificate, after your course is finished. Note that this course certificate is not an official grade/diploma that guarantees your level - if you wish to validate your language skills, you have to take an examination such as Swedex or take our C1-test or take an exam at Vuxenutbildningen i Göteborg.

Course evaluation
Your opinion is valuable for us. After the course is finished, you will receive a course evaluation by email and we would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to give us your thoughts about the course. If you are not happy with something during the course, please talk to your teacher directly or contact us in the administration.

Reception on  floor 1
Open Monday-Thursday 08.15-22.00 and  Friday-Saturday 08.00-16.00

(During summer time Monday-Friday 08.15-16.00 and it i s closed Saturday and Sunday.)

Café Glashuset
We have a café inside our building where you can buy coffee, sandwiches, cookies and light meals such as soup or sallad. This café Is located on floor 4. 

Course Books
You can buy them at The Book Corner, Roselundsgatan 3, phone number: 031-41 93 00.
Or online with a little bit of discount, read more here.

Wi-fi: network at Folkuniversitetet
fusurf / password: surfa123

Please note that smoking is prohibited on the premises.

Social media
We are very happy if you share your experience on social media.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/swedish.gbg.folkuniversitetet
Instagram: www.instagram.com/folkuniversitetetswedish

Use the hashtag: #kunskapförändrar

Continuation courses
If you wish to take a course at the next level, please book soon as possible. We offer continuation courses for all our levels and start if we have a sufficient number of people that sign up.

Good luck with your studies!


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Student discount 20%

If you are a member in the Student union in Gothenburg you will get a 20% discount on several courses in our course catalogue.

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